New Infinite Skills - Learning Adobe Audition Software

Hence the reason that ADR is such a widespread practice throughout the narrative filmmaking industry. In almost all cases, even with the most talented boom operators and on-set mixers, there will be imperfections in the production sound.

However, before scrapping the original sound for ADR which is an incredibly time-consuming process , there are some nifty post production tricks in Adobe's lineup of programs that could save you hours upon hours of time with just a few clicks.

Very often we end up with unwanted sounds in our production audio -- everything from airplanes and ventilation systems to sirens and barking dogs. Luckily, Adobe Audition has some simple and extremely intuitive tools that can fix most audio dilemmas. First up is the issue of round-tripping audio clips between Premiere Pro and Audition. The process is almost identical to the "dynamic link" between Premiere and After Effects , but with one key exception.

When you're in your Premiere sequence, right click on the audio clip that you'd like to correct, then click the "Edit Clip in Audition" option. What this does is create a copy of the original audio, and that copy replaces the original in your sequence.

The copy will then open up in Audition and you can begin working on it. Then there's the issue of removing unwanted hiss or hum from your production audio. Anyone who has ever shot in a bar or in a kitchen knows the drudgery of battling hum from refrigerators and freezers that have obnoxiously loud cooling cycles.

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New Infinite Skills - Learning Adobe Audition Software


Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorial - Course Introduction - InfiniteSkills

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