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VideoStudio is no toy, but neither is it much of a creative instrument. VideoStudio is most at home in the corporate presentation quadrant. Its interface is much more AV Dude than Filmmaker.

Corel gives you a solid template set for slideshows and easily facilitates computer screen capture. And, if you check your artistic pretensions at the splash-screen, you may be laughing your way to the bank by the time you close out of the program.

A bit native architecture is much less of a big deal than it was 18 months ago. Still, we should recognize that Corel forded the bit river earlier than most. With support for increased memory capacity, VideoStudio can slash through 4K renders and meld stacks of HD tracks up to about 20 of them. Like others in the space, Corel gives you a FastFlick quick-and-dirty edit mode that helps get a visual story together, well, fast. My snooty-attitude notwithstanding, Corel VideoStudio does have a cute back door wormhole into the filmmaking world.

Hey, sometimes you need garish. This is useful tech previously available only from pro-level programs. The premium level VideoStudio Ultimate drops a hundredweight of picture element-shifting gizmos Motion Effects on you. It also lets the third-party plug-in makers in the door. One standout: It takes too many steps, but only because it offers very precise control and creative choice. If you spent all your money on a 4K camera, Corel gives you the least costly editing tool to cut your footage.

You can prompt users to play videos without downloading and shepherding a raft of plug-ins. Your movie can have multiple plots and user-dependent endings. Just be sure to set your project up from the get-go to export. And, like other packages in this class, you can spit out your final versions to social-sharing directly. And a vital way to run it once you have.

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Buy Corel VideoStudio Pro X7


VideoStudio Pro X7 - Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]

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