Can i buy Autodesk FeatureCAM forever?

Autodesk's version of the FeatureCAM end user license agreement Hi everybody, I read this whole post and wonder why so many clever people are taking this abuse without any reaction.

You guys may not care how I go about living and that's okay. But I have one thing that I often use. Let's get creative too, getting pissed may be very motivational I found out. As a current customers we all have the right to express our opinions, make others aware of what's going on. Social media is a powerful thing, so powerful that it was used during election as we know it.

How many of you made a YouTube video , regarding Autodesk customer loyalty treatment. Fuming here won't change a thing, but turning away potential customer and walking away from using Autodesk will effect their's bottom line.

And let's not forget ,thay have crossed and efed with bunch of people who believed in them supporter them , spent hard earned money with them and this all mattered nothing to them. So, do something or keep taking it with no grease, and stop the complains. Action and reaction Treat me the way you want to be treated or I give you some of your own medicine. For those of you frustrated good people. Getting even may also be done other way.

When I got my extortion mail. Pay your maintenance up to date or your won't be able to update your software version unles you buy it again. Well I got pissed too. I thought what..? Will I let those SOB's treat me like that? Over my dead body. That let me to get creative as well. I won't explain details because I keep those things close to my chest. My thinking process was simple , software is dumb and it does what it was told to do, right? So there must be a way to tell this fu. Well it turns out , I am not the first one who thought of that.

Everything is out there on the internet. We just need to be pissed off hard enough and turn frustration into positive action. If you look hard enough you can find commercial version of almost eny software, it never expires and instead of connecting to the internet it goes to the file on the hard drive and thinks it's all good.

Life is too short to complain and waste it on something so stupid. Walk away or do something about it , money you spent was tax deductible anyway. There are people who admit they made a mistake , take a step back and go the right way, and those who think theirs crap don't stink and they are always right.

But let's not get to politics But there is one thing worse than being wrong When someone takes the gloves off, why should we keep trying to do the right thing by them. I acted in good faith, went the right way , paid up and at the end was treated like an ass. But I still have options and so you do too. Nobody will hold you by your balls unless you let them. All the best to you all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

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