Can i still buy Photoshop Elements 8?

We put together a short list here and a longer list with details at our product page here , but how about a feature-by-feature, version-by-version table? Do the images above seem familiar? Image Intelligence for Easy Editing Photoshop Elements 9 uses powerful technology to make even the most complex results achievable for anyone. The same content intelligence synthesizes missing pixel information to create a stunning panorama from multiple photos, without leaving any gaps or blank spaces. Another major new feature in Photoshop Elements 9 versus version 8 is Layer Masks. This is probably the single most requested capability that Elements has been missing since it first came out. Layer masks are a powerful feature for editing photos non-destructively and one of the most-used functions in the full Photoshop, so will be a big asset to Photoshop Elements.

can i still buy Photoshop Elements 8?


Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 tutorial part 1/3

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