Descarga de software ACDSee Pro 4

In Photo Editor, tasks such as writing text on a path, resizing multiple embellishments, and creating a vignette effect are all easy and straightforward. In addition to creating scrapbook pages, use ACDSee Photo Editor to create birth announcements, thank you cards and many more printable gifts for family, friends and relatives. Your imagination is the limit!

Super Fast Performance High resolution images require high amounts of handling power. Hierarchical keywords Save time and stay on top of your growing collection by creating keyword hierarchies that span from the general to the very specific. Transportation Cars Vintage. When you assign an image of a Model-T to the Vintage keyword with a check of a box, it automatically gets added to the higher keyword levels. Click on a keyword in the Catalog pane or use Quick Search to display all of the files assigned to that keyword.

Create as many levels as you need to fully and accurately classify your assets. Improved color management Achieve a consistent color workflow. Reworked from the ground up, ACDSee Pro 6's color management system resolves color matching issues that can occur between different devices with much more accurate color matching and higher quality results.

Plus, multi-monitor support is now included. Renowned for its organizational prowess and parametric photo editing power, ACDSee Photo Studio Professional makes it easy to push boundaries.

Last update 7 Jul. Editor rating: The program enables you to perform an incredible number of tasks, including viewing, editing, moving, copying, publishing, and archiving pictures. The price is a bit high, but in my opinion this application is worth it. Getting pictures from your camera, scanner, or mobile phone is very simple with this application. In fact, there's a wizard for just about anything emailing, uploading, synchronizing, or archiving images.

These wizards can help you a lot. The creation of executable picture slideshows is supported. The application can even generate HTML pages with your pictures embedded. The thing which I like most about this software is its user interface. It displays the pictures in the middle. It's possible to resize the thumbnails just by dragging a slider.

You also have the option to sort your pictures based on several criteria date, file size, author, etc. The program supports batch operations. You can use it to batch rotate, resize, rename, or process pictures on your computer.

Ratings can be provided for each picture, allowing you to sort the pictures depending on their rating.

Descarga de software ACDSee Pro 4

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