Can you buy Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise outright?

Mar 02,  · Remember, I don’t want to do a full install, just an in place upgrade of std. to ent. If I’m reading the below chart correctly, it appears we can buy standard, then run enterprise, is this correct? Another question: The server has no special roles, only a member server. The primary application is SQL enterprise. Apr 29,  · Download SQL Server day Trial Software. Microsoft SQL Server is a database platform for large-scale online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing, and e-commerce applications; it is also a business intelligence platform for . Microsoft SQL Server Standard (2CPU/2VM) is the best you can get currently depending of course on your purpose for the OS. Installation was a breeze and insanely faster than prior MSoft Server OS's/5(3).

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May 23,  · (If someone leaves, or changes jobs so they will not use the SQL Server any more, their licence can be reused by a new person.) If lots of users will all use the same PC(s) you can count the total number of "devices" rather than users and purchase CALs for the devices. Yes, you can still buy SQL Server R2 though stocks are getting low at. Feb 18,  · Team, I work for a reseller SHI, and my customer needs help getting the following question answered. Can you please advise? We have a server currently running Windows Server Standard, it has 32 GB of memory in it (max supported by OS). Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise is ideal for: SQL Server Enterprise Edition, an information organization and business intelligence platform, with a scalable cache designed to assist your organization in the management and storage of data with tools to utilize your data warehousing; reporting, synchronizing, and analysis is simplified/5(3).

can you buy Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise outright?

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