Fundy Designer Software Sales

Aimed at professional wedding, portrait and social photographers, Fundy Designer is a suite of software that simplifies album design and helps with wall art creation and sales. An album can be created in seconds and making changes to the layout is easy because the template is adaptive. This means you can add or remove images to a page without having to go back to the drawing board. Following a recent update, the software now includes a card designer that enables you to produce cards of your images. Album Design Designing and laying out a wedding album can be a long process, often taking far longer than the shoot. However, many of the professional photographers who use Fundy Designer that I have spoken to say that it has cut their album design time down to a quarter of what it was. Those who used to take a couple of days now typically take half a day, while those who took half a day now take just an hour or less. Part of Fundy Designer Software Sales secret to this speed is the ability to create a layout automatically. The software also has a flexible template system that allows you to swap images Fundy Designer Software Sales, change their size and aspect ratio quickly and easily. Conversely, you can add an image without having to move the other Fundy Designer Software Sales around manually, Fundy Designer resizes everything automatically. Getting Started The first stage of using Fundy Designer Pro is to pick the module that you want to use.

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Jul 28, - (Thank you, Fundy!) Within about eight minutes of installing the software, I had designed my first album. Fundy Designer is intuitive and easy to. Jun 11, - There are a lot of programs out there to help photographers design one of the easiest ways to increase album sales is with pre-design. Sep 26, - Album Design Software and In Person Sales Software. The Fastest and Easiest professional album design software and the most profitable. Mar 24, - Fundy Software launched the all-in-one Fundy Designer suite for Builder and Gallery Designer, and its workflow and in-person sales tools.

Fundy Designer Software Sales

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