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Uses[ edit ] OmniGraffle is used to create graphics and visuals. The application features several design tools, along with a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface and a notes function that to annotate and create specification documentation for prototypes and mockups. While OmniGraffle can produce graphics and visuals, it is often used as a tool to create content maps, screen flows, and wire frames. Visuals are often referred to as "graffles.

Other features include auto layout and document management. Canvases[ edit ] Canvases are spaces where users can create shapes. Attributes to creating a canvas include canvas name, sizing options, grid and dimension selections, and diagram layout. Users may create and also share canvases and layers, with automatic updates available. This gives users the option to create layers once, toggle layers to appear on desired canvases, and update automatically if changes occur. Templates[ edit ] Templates are OmniGraffle application resources.

Template documents can be manipulated by users for their purposes. Some sample templates are preloaded and available for users. Users may also create, edit, and save templates for creating consistent graffles. Stencils are clip art files that serve as elements, such as icons or buttons, for OmniGraffle documents. A wide variety of sample stencils are pre-loaded and available for immediate use.

Users can also create, share, download, and preview stencils online as well through OmniGraffle's Stenciltown [7] or other stencil libraries, such as Graffletopia.

Rather than creating free-hand drawn work, users utilize vectors to create these visuals. To minimize user-end visual creation, vector drawing also allows for all graphic images to be recreated. While moving objects around the canvas, Smart Guides provides users with highlighted grid lines to easily align objects on the canvas.

It also provides additional ease for users with a dynamic snap-to-grid functionality for accurately snapping objects into alignment around the canvas. Import and export[ edit ] OmniGraffle supports filesharing and Visio support in its Pro distribution. Also it is important to notice that layers cannot be shared among some versions of Visio and OmniGraffle.

Order OmniGraffle 5 Standard Online

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