Where to buy Windows 8.1

How Do I Get It? As Drew said in his post, if you are already licensed for Windows 8 Enterprise in other words, you have a Windows 8 Pro license with SA , then you can download Windows 8. If you are not licensed for Windows 8 Enterprise, then you have a couple of options.

For more details on OEM licenses, see my previous post here. You can either go with Open Business licenses which provides two years of SA and requires an upfront payment, or you can go with Open Value licenses which provides three years of SA and includes an option to spread out your payments. Non-profit, academic, and government customers have a similar set of options through special licensing programs designed just for them.

The point is that you will need to purchase a Windows 8 Pro upgrade license with SA in order to get a license of Windows Enterprise. Either way you go, either buying new PCs or buying upgrade licenses, you will need to purchase Software Assurance. Again, Windows 8. But what if you jump through all the hoops to get your Windows licenses covered with SA, but then you let your licensing agreement expire?

When the agreement expires, then your SA benefits expire too, right? So is your Enterprise license revoked? Do you have to uninstall Windows Enterprise and downgrade back to Windows Pro?!? Is this what Yoda once warned us about?

Take a deep breath. Fortunately this is an area where Microsoft gives some grace. Microsoft lets you keep that license, so you can proceed with confidence.

More information about Windows 8. And as always, Mirazon is here to help. We can guide you through the confusing terrain of Microsoft licensing so you can avoid unnecessary purchases. Reach out to us at info www. Want to hear more from Mirazon? Sign up for our eNewsletter to keep up on IT trends and news, straight from the Mirazon experts!


Windows 8.1 Full Version Unboxing and Overview!

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