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When I installed Autoroute a second time, on the new laptop, the Product Key was requested at the beginning of the installation process. When the program opens, there's a screen asking if you want to register or continue with the free trial.

If you don't register, of course the free trial will expire. I can verify that the Autoroute License permits installation on two devices. Sometimes people post unfavorable reviews due to misunderstandings, For example, complaints about directions, one-way streets, missing streets, construction not updating, are not the fault of Autoroute. So, it's the information provided to Autoroute that's not up to date or incorrect or incomplete. Somone complained in an Amazon review "It seems that pushpins saved locations can only be entered by clicking on the map at a particular location with the pushpin tool.

I wanted to enter them by address as I had the addresses of our 5 hotels and wanted to save them so I wouldn't have to search each time I started the software. Also, it would be nice if custom pushpins could be selected from a drop-down as an origin or destination for routing.

Instead, I had to right-click, choose "Route" and then "Add as start" or "Add as end". That's tedious when you want to route to a pushpin that is outside of the current map's zoom level zoom-out, pan to pushpin, possibly zoom in to differentiate, right-click, select. It will appear in the dropdown menu on the Route Planner. Sometimes less than favorable reviews are posted by those who don't understand the program thoroughly..

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Offline GPS navigation Windows 7 netbook driving using AutoRoute2010 offline Europe map

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