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What will the upgrade options be for owners of CS5 Master Collection suite? Best to check here for all the pricing and your individual upgrade case. You can find the configurations and upgrade info here.

OK, the upgrade price is cheaper… I thought I recalled that upgrade versions are not available in Education store, and looks to be the case here just full versions … thanks. Rather, you can upgrade your current student edition to the full commercial version of CS5. Will there be student upgrade pricing to CS 5. In the U. With Multiple Versions Q: Does CS5. Or, does one have to remove CS5 first? Or, can you have both installs running on the same computer?

It is best to remove CS5 of course, but in most programs you can run them side by side. Yes, because when you run the second installer it will see the apps already installed and not install them again. Is CS5. Yes, for the most part most of the apps will save back to 5. Flash for instance, has a ton of new features that require a CS5. InDesign will export to. IDML which can be opened in previous versions , 5. There are some new features which may not work, but you can open and use the file.

Or you can use external InDesign downsaving services which will do this for you for a nominal fee from CS5. Product-by-product will backwards-save depending on the application. Adobe After Effects CS5. On the subscription editions — is Adobe totally doing away with full software purchases and moving entirely to subscription-based only?

No, not by a longshot. Will this be online software for access in the cloud only, or do you actually download the apps and run on the desktop? Will the subscriptions be sold in the retail channel? Subscriptions will not be sold in the channel now, only direct from Adobe. Is there an education version for the subscriptions? For CS5. Will these subscription editions require a constant Internet connection? You need an active connection to re-validate the subscription, at the minimum once per month starting with the installation.

Are you able to continue using the software at all after stopping paying the monthly fee? For a lapsed subscriber, does the program not launch, do you get the upgrade screen, or something else? So essentially the CS5.

It is not cost effective otherwise for a steady user, except for the capability to start designing monthly before buying outright. The perpetual license is much more affordable with updates than a subscription. Yes, a subscription is a solution for companies looking for temporary access to Adobe Creative Suite i. Another benefit our customers tell us is the more flexible and predictable budget planning. Is the software platform-specific, or will one license work and run on both operating systems Windows and Mac?

It is platform-specific only. Will subscriptions be available under any Adobe Volume License deal? We have no plans for making subscriptions available to volume licensing customers at this time. General Questions A: We still allow customers to install on one primary and one secondary computer. How will the release of CS5. You should be good! It will just be CS5 until CS6 is released. Will the maintenance program be available for those on the full suites already, and will CS5.

Yes, maintenance contracts will still be available, and include Creative Suite 5. Could somebody explain why the large price difference between the US and Europe?

Adobe pricing is influenced by many factors including value of product in local market, customer research, the specific market requirements, and the cost of doing business in that market. Unlike the economies of scale achieved in the large standardized US market, the EU, for example, has 10 major languages, 4 major currencies and diverse regional markets. Therefore, the costs of doing business in the European market are considerably higher per unit of revenue than in the US.

Acrobat X Q: Audition CS5. When is the Adobe Audition launching? Will it be available a la carte? Audition will be part of Production Premium , Master Collection , and will also be a standalone product, to be purchased separately if you desire. Is there anything in particular you would like to tell us about Audition in this new version of CS 5.

Will Audition CS 5. So, it can be done, and you have the ability to view video and overdub…but the take history from before is not present. Dreamweaver CS5. What are some of the new improvements to Dreamweaver CS5. Everything is baked in — have a look at the post linked above.

Does Dreamweaver CS5. And HSLa too! I want to build a mobile app in Dreamweaver. Can I do that now? Well, glad you asked! See the article and deep-dive linked above, including the new jQuery Mobile and Phonegap integration. What new functionality will Dreamweaver 5. Is it going to require a software update? We will ship with the most current version of the framework. Is there any impact to integration with Business Catalyst?

Not in this release. The Dreamweaver team is working very closely with the Business Catalyst team. Fireworks CS5 Q: What are some of the great tweaks in Fireworks CS5.

Nothing new in Fireworks this time around remember, this is a dot release to keep up with trends in the industry. But the team is hard at work, never fear!

There will actually be some new changes coming in Fireworks CS5. How does Flash CS5. Concerning embedding, it works just like before. Import, then decide whether you want the video embedded in the SWF for very small video files or external preferred. Illustrator CS5 Q: Correct, Illustrator did not change for CS5. InDesign CS5. Yes — please see this story. On designing e-books with InDesign.

Other solutions to offer clients to go to the iPad? What is your take on third party solutions? The engineers rewrote the whole export to ePub module. Can you explain the process of taking your finished digital magazine to the iPad or other digital devices? How does one create a dedicated iPad app for their magazine?

In order to create a magazine App with Digital Publishing Suite you would have to go through our hosted solution in which Adobe is building the branded App for you. Otherwise, you can side load a. What is the simplest way to go from InDesign to iPad? Is there a direct export? Or is the only way to go through Content Bundler?

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 FAQ – Your Top Questions Answered

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Cheapest Audition CS5.5


Buy cheap Adobe Audition CS5.5

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