How much does it cost to get Altium Designer?

Minimal clearance between edge of board and pattern. For routed boards: If you require a copper area or plane to extend up to the board edge, then clearly indicate this in the mechanical layer.

Copper up to the board edge should only be used where absolutely necessary because: There is a risk of a rough board edge as the copper may tear during contour routing profiling.

The copper can create electrical shorts between layers. Copper up to the board edge is NOT compatible with scoring V-cut. If you require the board edge or part of it to be plated, then clearly indicate this in the mechanical layer. In addition, were the board edge is to be plate there must be copper placed on the top and bottom layers with a minimum width of 0.

This requirement is needed to be able to produce the Round Edge Plating in such a way that the metallisation is physically strong enough to stay attached to the side of the board.

Any text placed in a copper layer has to comply with the design rules for the given class see classification table. All copper text must be correctly readable. As a PCB is always viewed from top to bottom through the PCB, text on the top layer of your board should be readable and text on the bottom layer should be non-readable or mirrored.

All copper even within the same net must comply with the design rules for the given class see classification table. The layer sequence can be given in several ways: Indicate the layer numbers in the copper image by placing a logical number in each layer 1 for top layer, 2 for inner1, 3 for inner2, etc….

Make sure the numbers are positioned in such a way that they do not overlap, and can be seen through the complete PCB. Name each layer file in a way which indicates clearly the sequence to be used e. T op , I nner 1, I nner 2, B ottom. Include in your Gerber mechanical layer a clear build-up drawing including all copper layers, soldermask and legend layers, additional layers like peel-off or carbon in the correct sequence and with the correct corresponding data file name.

For a limited time, buy any two licenses - Single User or Network - on the same key, and get a third equal or lesser value at no extra cost! Librarian Tools You can easily save every component dimension entered, for each part built! There are multiple uses for this feature, but the most important is the ability to store all physical and logical device data to create a comprehensive part library management system.

This allows the user to search for library data previously created, eliminating duplication of effort. The idea is that once you key in a part, you never have to enter it again - regardless how many permutations you will need of the same part! Add columns and build your content for easy retrieval.

Organize your FPX library data files by component family, package lead type, component mfr. Portability Having all the library parts you ever created at your fingertips increases productivity and reduces errors and duplication of effort. The PCB Library Expert lets you easily organize your component information so that it is saved in a logical manner that allows you to quickly retrieve it later.

For any possible further development of sold projects, the use of academic licenses is not allowed. Altium offers to provide individual quotes for start up companies originating from this University.

Pricing of which will be in line with the business expectations, development and expected yearly revenue of their business case. Registration a Who could use Altium? As the number of licenses is limited, students may also purchase a special student license directly at Altium see this document.

If these criteria are met then you have to register see below.

Altium Designer

Altium Designer 14 pricing starts at $7, USD, including a one year subscription. Extended services and custom support packages are available from Altium and our extended network of value added resellers worldwide and can be found at Learn how Altium Subscription can provide you with the the latest technology and And because you always have the latest version, costs are predictable. Jump to AD Simulation and View Tools Reduce the Possibility of - Making sure that your fabrication package is complete is essential to minimizing PCB costs.

How much does it cost to get Altium Designer?

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