How much is Sharpener Pro 3 for mac?

But sometimes Preview can odd things and it shouldn't really be relied on as anything other than a casual use editor. So, the OP could use iPhoto which comes with every new Mac. And Camera Raw is really great. The images are sharper out of the gate, and the sharpening tools are hugely improved. Available as part of the budget level PSE. Also, the tools provided in PSE aren't bad, either. IMO, much better than anything Apple has. Yes, but The days when Preview was weird are long over. Watch out especially when saving in different file formats than "originals. At all. Especially with tiff's. I like the sharpening and sharpening alternatives in ACR. What, specifically? I've not encountered this and I'm curious. It was bad in I use Focus Magic on the Mac, but its time is running out

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