Omni Group OmniFocus 2 Pro buy key

Starring will add a view to the sidebar, while unstaring will remove it. Perspectives can be re-ordered. All sorts of parameters can be changed, including grouping, filtering and focus. While the sidebar demotes the Projects view which itself is a little hard to read at times from the main view, I like the change on the whole. All of the old favorites are here — repeating tasks, quick entry, great sync options and more. The new features are mostly borrowed from the iOS apps. My favorite is Forecast. This organizes tasks by Start and Due date, which fits how my brain works really well. Upcoming tasks are yellow; due and overdue are red: Sorry about all the Drang-esque data hiding. Review is a tool that allows you to work your way through all projects in the app to ensure they are updated. While I like to do this on the couch in my office on Fridays with my iPad, bringing this to the Mac is a great move. It could be done before, but OmniFocus 2 makes it a lot nicer. Lastly, Quick Open is a new way to navigate the interface with just a keyboard. Moving to the correct view in the app is as simple as selecting the correct option with the arrow keys and hitting Enter. Pricing, Homework OmniFocus 2 comes in two flavors.

Omni Group OmniFocus 2 Pro buy key


Project Planning 101: Ep. 1 — The Network Chart

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